Every Vanner probably has a slightly different idea about what vanning is.
So here's one Vanner's opinion.

Vanning is the result of a lot of good people with a common interest, "VAN'S" (not the shoe). Vanning's history goes back to the early 70's, but that's a whole book in itself, today's vanner owns a van that is special to him or her, it may or may not be customized, but it usually will get them to the next event. An event may be a volleyball game in the park or a multi-day camping trip (we call these "Truckin's"). The thing we do best is socialize, we socialize around the campfire, we socialize around the band, we socialize during games, we socialize.... allot! Many Vanner's have children and grand children, so most vanning events have activities for children. Some Vanner's party a lot, other Vanner's party a little, some Vanner's have won nationally recognized awards for their custom van, other Vanner's sleep on the floor of their Van and don't worry about how their van looks at the time. All Vanner's have two things in common, pride in their van and pride in their vanning friends. We are a very tight group and we watch out for each other. If your interested in finding out if your a vanner, bring yourself and your Van to a few of our event's, and if you have the fever you will know it.