CVC Memorial

Colorado has been actively Vanning since the early 1970s. This page is a tribute to our well remembered Vanners that have since went on to a truck-in in the sky.

Almost all of the Colorado Vanners and many vanners from around the world remember someone on this page. We remember their face as they smiled while sharing a story and a drink around the campfire. We remember their voice while laughing at something that would only happen at a truck-in. We remember them because they were part of the special memories we will hold in our hearts forever. You may shed a tear while looking at their picture and you will probably smile and feel warm inside, you will then know that our fallen vanners have once again made you smile.

Liz Hass, 1952-2002

Liz Hass Liz Hass along with her husband of 28 years, Rob Luthman have vanned together for many years as members of the Colorado Van Association

Crickett Harkins, 1953-2002

crickett Crickett was a member of Rocky Mountain Vans of Colorado, and Three Trails Vans of Kansas City. Crickett also founded "Vanner's in Cyberspace".

Crickett – I met her and vanning friends at her clubs camp site at the American 25th Truckin’ nationals at La Plata, Maryland and she and I spoke of van stuff, she was wearing a patch over one eye and was heavily involved in the internet of vanning and gave me a T shirt screen to bring home and still have it, has a side shot of a yellow ’71 Ford Econoline with logo and some months after my return to New Zealand I learnt of her passing and felt sad of her loss in our global family of vanners.

Kind regards,
Guy Partridge of New Zealand.

Rick Smith, 1955-2004

Rick Smith Rick Smith has been Vanning sinse the 80s, He and his wife Sherry are members of Pikes Peak Van Association, Colorado Springs Colorado.

Rick taught me a lot of things. Some of them are not to be shared in mixed company. But seriously, one of them being not to limit myself to a select few people but to be open to the next potential friend that might walk into my life. If you are reading this, you are one of those valued friends. Thanks and may God bless you & keep you close. With all of my love, Sherry Smith aka Tank's Wife : ~ )

Dennis (Skip) Higgins, 1954-2007


Clint Dizmang, 1954-2013

Clint Clint was a member of the Colorado Van Association.

Pete Cunningham

Pete Pete was an Independent vanner.


Laura Laura was a member of the Colorado Mountain Riders Van Club.

Bert (Raoul) Neely

Raoul Raoul was a member of Rocky Mountain Vans and also the "HAVES" gang.

My first chat with Raoul was by phone as back in ’97 I was the global rep of New Zealand and Raoul was attending our NZ van nationals in ’97 and we had many chats, he wore his jacket covered in van club patches and had long hair to his butt, he enjoyed our way of vanning in the deep south pacific and returned home to Patti and his 2 sons. We made friends and arranged my journey to attend the American Truckin’ nationals, the 25th Truckin’ nationals in La Plata, Maryland and I started my criss cross journey of America with vanners starting with my stay with Raoul, viewing Denver by day and travelling and living out of his Chevy van, no AC to use a bin full of ice with towels to chill down, big cups of mellow dew to keep awake, visit interesting places alike the ST Louis arch, a wall mart, truck stops of our 3 day road trip to the nationals in July of ’97 and after the event Raoul wanted me to travel back to Colorado but as I’d pre planned my journey I gave this magic vanner a big man hug and brought home the 2 issues of his van books of vanning and we kept in contact by phone and later by email and since his passing I’ve phoned patti to also say my respects of his loss, a neat guy with a huge heart, a sadly missed vanning mate.

Kind regards,
Guy Partridge of New Zealand.

Larry Vocate, January 07, 1952 - August 31, 2017

Larry Vocate Larry (and his wife Janet) were members of Black Sheep Vans.

Vince Carley, June 20 1950 - June 2018

Vince Carley RIP Vince Carley was an early member of Rocky Mountain Vans.

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